Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She my friend Jay Anzar

Sexy Model

Bitch Style By yzarpals Andel

People in Chocolate Club

Yzarpals Andel



Larosa simple black sexy dress

LaRosa Sex in the City outfit and jewerly from chuculet also the shades from noir

Nice and safe in second world
Secondlife wild in punk outfit from LaRosa.

Complete Latex outfits from LaRosa taken this picture in my PhotoStudio at Photographer Asian in Chocolate or simple search my name :)

Cool Yellow Outfit its nice to wear in summer.
You can find this outfit from LaRosa.

This office style from LaRosa complete outfit.

FS bandage for you nipple hahahaha i like this little bit bitchy but i like it.

Complete outfit From LaRosa store
Studio by Yzarpals Andel in PHOTOGRAPHER ASIAN in Chocolate.

I love this outfit perfect in Night City especially on Winter season by the way i got this complete outfit from LaRosa.

This picture was taken in Vinyl store but all outfits is totally free!

Outfits from LaRosa Leather coat with boots

Her name is Chyenne owner of Chocolate
i like her fashion style

Baggy Black and white man outfits but i try to myself its look great although for men only! its a Group gift you need to stay 30 minutes to have this gift. ofcorse wear a Group tag from Karjam